We believe in the power of making the Life better with beauty of Art

Chennai Wall painting an pioneer in the field of Creativity in Mural Art.Astounding and Vibrant Wall Art making Company

Who We are

We are a group of well trained artists, having more than 10+ years of experience, dedicated to transform living environments through art. Our hand painted quality custom wall murals work is characterised by creative artistic vision. We bring you the best of Indian murals traditions and styles. Take the time to tour some of our work and you will discover how a full wall mural, sky murals or even small decorative element can dramatically transform the atmosphere of your indoor or outdoor living environments and give you a ecstatic feeling when you enter there. 

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Residence Projects undertaken
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Our Team



Our Client

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9 Reasons why you should use our service

Visual Culture

We create art work that could portray the Visual culture. Every type of image that you choose to be in your ambience will reveal your culture. Be it a Murals on Nature, your favourite leaders, We help in bring your inner world in your walls.

Great Value

We do lots of research in deciding what colours to use that could impact the targeted audience positively. Some brighter shades improves memory, some radiate energy,Some gives richness,Some colours and shades gives confidence , extroversion and independence.

Quality Materials

We use  good quality primers and putty to make the wall great.The materials that we use is durable and give luxurious look

Competetive Pricing

With the Current Market trend we as a leading provider of Wall art,offer this service comparatively @ low price.

Proven Expertise

Worked with more than a 200 clients ranging from Small to medium size firms,Schools and Residence


We create Art works in different genre and styles.


All our custom mural works are original and we do not repeat the same work again and 100% uniqueness is guranteed


Visually pleasing content could raise one’s mind set to happier level. We keep this in mind and produce the Murals that could elevate the positive emotions.

Inspirational, Stunning and Serene

What we want is to help you express your inner inspirations so that you do not loose it in times.